How to Be a Mover and a Shaker and a Business Money-Maker

In business and in life, the old adage is true: the only constant is change, and when it comes to business, if you aren't growing, your days are numbered. Growth is your only option, because no matter how robust your customer base may ... Read more

Lead Generation Strategies: Part 2

Some strategies may work for a type of business, and may not be so effective for another. Sometimes, the challenges faced by different businesses are dissimilar. So, what may work for some businesses at a point in time, may ... Read more

Myths About Sales

Breaking some beliefs around the very Art of Salesmanship. As we round up 2013, perhaps some business owners will look back at it and say that you have had a good year and looking forward to bring on the next ... Read more

7 Easy Tips to Boost Employee Engagement with Performance Management for SMEs (Part 1)

In today’s day and age, small business owners and employers are struggling with disinterested and disengaged employees who view their jobs as a distasteful necessity. This puts the health of the company at risk. Smart companies, on the other hand, ... Read more

Why Goal Setting Sucks…

4 Step Process to Achieving Goals called the DGPA Formula, Dreams - Goals - Plan - Action. I remembered there used to be a time when we had way too many seminars and workshops on setting goals and having goals. ... Read more

So WHAT are the unique challenges faced by Women Entrepreneurs?

Nowadays, (just like myself) … many women are taking bold steps toward entrepreneurship as a means of getting an income, despite the need to continuous care and nurture a growing family. However, as women dive into business, we find that ... Read more

Networking Versus Word of Mouth Marketing

Knowing the Difference Enables You to Build Useful Networks. Networking is a powerful and critical part of growing any business. Building great networks, and knowing the right people gets you on a much steeper track of success, however in today’s ... Read more

Outsourcing for SMEs

For many Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs), outsourcing is the practice of using external firms to handle work and tasks that are normally performed within the company itself. Small companies will sometimes look to outside firms to perform tasks such as payroll ... Read more

How to Make Consultative Selling Work for Your Business

Sales as a profession can contain many dangers. Some seen, some heard and some even from personal experience. There have been many recorded instances of sales people being treated very badly by customers just because they carry the tag of ... Read more

Sniper Vs Shotgun Approach for Lead Generation for SMEs (Part 1)

Today’s market is quite a jungle. I say that because it’s a jungle of marketing and sales messages that can be overwhelming, if one cannot see the forest for the trees! So what’s going on? Try doing this, try ... Read more
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