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Your Business Background Questionnaire
This will take some time to complete, but trust us, we will be using these information to conduct some research on your company and industry, and these are kept confidential.
NameYour full name
Business NameName of the company
Mobile Number
Office Number
Office Address
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Company WebsiteExample:
Your The Spark Group (Asia) RepresentativeIf none, please specify either Website, Newsletter, or Facebook
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Tell Us a Bit About YouYou can pick more than 1 attribute
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The information contained within this questionnaire is confidential information, intended only for the use of your ActionCOACH coach and the person completing this questionnaire. If the receiver of this questionnaire is not the intended recipient, the receiver is hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution, copy or publication of the questionnaire is strictly prohibited.

Learn how to tap into the hidden opportunities within your business TODAY!

Introduce Us To Your Business

To get started, we’d like you to tell us a little more about you and your business. The following questions have been designed to help us identify key profit building opportunities within your business.

What type of business are you in?
Product / Services provided
Number of full-time staff
Approximate annual sales / revenue
How long have you been in business?
Business goals
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For the section below, please ONLY rank your TOP 5 Frustrations in your business (5 being MOST FRUSTRATED, 1 being LEAST FRUSTRATED). If some frustrations do not apply, you do not have to rank it.
FrustrationsThe major challenges you face in your business
We are flat out and I’m working heaps of hours which are possibly taking a toll on me.
We get lots of enquiries but many don’t turn into a sale which is a waste of time and effort.
We have clients that buy once but we never see them again (except to complain).
We’re really busy, but there could be more money at the end of every month.
We’re at war with competitors and deal with many ‘price focused’ customers.
I work the hardest in the business, but take the least amount of holidays.
I would really like to improve the cash flow of my business.
I need to constantly supervise my team and fix problems.
I have to keep replacing my staff because they leave or have to be sacked.
My customers like dealing with me personally rather than others in the team which can be bit of a tie.
Our quality is impacted by others in our supply and/or delivery chain.
I can’t seem to find focus and/or motivation; I lack a ‘Vision’ for myself and the business.
Not getting enough business ‘in the door’, or it's spasmodic, so there’s wasted productivity.
I am really stretched every week to get done what I needed to do – there’s just not enough hours in the day.
I’d like to know more about the numbers in the business to understand my profitability better.
I want to drive the business forward but keep on getting pulled back into fixing the day-to-day stuff.
The business needs a few more systems so it is less reliant on me.
How many hours do you work in a week?
How many would you like to work?
What is your business annual net profit?
How much would you like to have?
Decision makersOther than yourself
Interested programsWhich of these programs do you see your business benefiting from immedieately?
At this point, do you see a Business Coach assisting you and the business to move forward?
Reason being
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Goals working with a Business Coach
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