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Rewards And You (a brand by Masterz Myind Sdn Bhd) was formed to serve the growing need for a happier, healthier, and more balanced lifestyle in our current fast paced world. They believe that life is abundant and that it should be celebrated in its entire natural splendor.

We started our company in March 2009 with 8 aggressive people but we did not have a proper working system in place. Our results were not consistent and the profits were just enough to break even or at times only sufficient for our expenses. We had BIG target to achieve in 2009 but we were so clueless of how to accomplish it.

After getting coaching from Action Coach Maresa, we increase our profits by 800% in just 2 months! We created an effective working system that brought more results and eventually generated more money.

There is a huge difference in how we do our business now. The communication among the team has tremendously improved and we are more comfortable to express our thoughts and opinions among the team. Our confidence in our team and ourselves has increased massively

Mr. Vyasa Kandasamy (Chief Executive Officer)