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Maresa Ng
CEO, Entrepreneur, Author, Professional Speaker, Business Growth Specialist

“My goal is to help business owners, such as yourself, spend less time working in your busines and more time working on your business. I’d also like to help you put the FUN back in your business and your life.”


Working hard to achieve goals is a must – but not at the expense of everything else in your life, essentially Health and Family. At ActionCOACH (Kuala Lumpur) Spark Activators, we believe in helping our business owners find the balance they need to have a sustainable life in Business.

We believe that working with a business community that has the same drive, intensity in dreams and clarity in their visions, allows entrepreneurs to quickly assimilate into growth “gear”.

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Maresa Ng
ActionCOACH (Kuala Lumpur) Spark Activators

We have built ActionCOACH Spark Activators to be the best business coaching firm in Malaysia with the business owner in mind.

The ActionCOACH business community enables business owners to lend support to one another as part of the journey in growing themselves and the business.

Our powerful forums allow business owners to share ideas, challenges, and gain new insights to their businesses.

Education is the Key to Success.

Many a time when our income stagnates, it only means that somewhere, somehow, the learning had stopped.

We urge business owners to learn, unlearn and re-learn, which enables them to rethink their strategies, their past errors, so they can move forward by making less costly pit-stops, along the way.

At ActionCOACH (Kuala Lumpur) Spark Activators, we actively run many powerful platforms for business re-education.

All of which, works with business owners through workshops, and is facilitated to maximise sharing among entrepreneurs, in order to get massive results.


We Live and Breathe ACTION
Why? Because it is the one true way that you will achieve the results you want from your Business, and enabling the Quality of Life you set out for.


Being accountable to success, means getting your actions directed to certain results. You, your Team and your Business will shift into effective gear, and you are able to drive your business with better clarity and focus.

Community & Commitment

Be committed to work with a powerful and dynamic environment of not only Business Coaches who will drive you and your business, but other business owners who become your unreasonable peers, in this journey of sustainable success.


Start investing your time, into the right areas in your business. All successful and wealthy business owners realize the value of time, and that there is a limited time to achieve a lot.

Ideas, Innovation and Income

Open your horizons to new ways of doing things, new perspectives that other industries can offer you, only if you have an open mind to receive. When ideas and innovation happen, so will your sustainable income.


Taking control of the sails, in calm sea or storm. Taking ownership of your business like you had never before, seeing your business and the way it works, will bring you fresh new perspective to what makes businesses work when they do.


The ActionCOACH Team that you work with is unreasonable, and that’s the kind of people you want driving you and your business to places you have never been to before.

Why Do You Need A Business Coach?
Why Do You Need A Business Coach?

Most people don’t realize that Michael Jordan had never won an NBA championship until Coach Phil Jackson took over the Chicago Bulls.

They also don’t remember that Tiger Woods has had two very influential coaches (an addition to his father, who was his first coach), with two very distinct personalities and styles, who both helped his game to higher levels.

Most also don’t realize that both Jordan and Woods met with a variety of challenges that led them to accept that they needed an outside point of view to get them to where they wanted to be.

The same goes for the game of business.

Every successful CEO has had a valuable resource of counselors, advisors and mentors guiding the way. The resource of advice and counsel exists for every successful business leader on the planet.

It has to, or they wouldn’t succeed to the extend many of them do. And believe me, they tap into those resources on an ongoing basis.

about_coachingBusiness owners who have business coaches have 2 distinct qualities:

#1 – Firstly, they are in the game to win, which in the case of business, to make money for a better quality of life.

#2 – Secondly, they want to fast track their journey, and avoid hitting road bumps that could have been avoided. Life is too short to be losing money on “blind spots”!

If you belong to either one of the qualities above, get a Business Coach to be on your side, otherwise one of your competitors will.

The million dollar question is:
Do you have what it takes to play the game?

Why Business Coaching?
why business coaching?

Why Business Coaching?

You have an Action Business Coach on your side being OBJECTIVE. This is critical because business owners cannot see themselves as others see them. If you are in your business every day, it is always refreshing to get another point of view of our businesses. In a session with an ActionCoach, you will not only get another set of eyes, you will get someone who is neutral, experienced in building businesses, and ready to call out the gaps for you.

Do you sometimes feel that everything seems pressing and overwhelming in your business? Everything should have been done yesterday! Once you have that session with the Action Business Coach, we help you to prioritize what you need to do. Most importantly, you will arrive at the CORE of the problem. It simplifies your problem, chunks it down and you will have CLARITY OF FOCUS.

After your session with your Action Business coaches and having the clarity on areas you need to work on, we help you understand the different levels you can begin working with a Coach. With our team, you can begin working with a coach at a reasonable and affordable level, and graduate the intensity of growth, step by step.

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