7 Reasons Why You Need to Diagnose Your Business Today

“Who we are today and who we become in 5 years depends on three things: The Books that we read, The People that we associate with, and The Decisions that we make today.” – Brad Sugars, Founder of ActionCOACH.


Check Your Business Health NOW!



If you work hard every year to drive more sales just to get to year-end and wonder where all the profit has gone, you need to find out why immediately…



If you work harder than everyone else in the company, paid the LEAST, work LONGER HOURS than everyone else, and you start feeling you have a job instead of OWNING a business



If you have many ideas and have trouble staying focused on your new strategies, you need an UNREASONABLE friend holding your focus to your dreams and vision



You might be born into the world of business through great technical skills, but you need greater knowledge and learning to take your next big leap in business…



If you are busy expanding your business and you need a business growth specialist to coach your team of managers to ensure that your bottom-line grows



You work too many days a week, too many hours a day, and are getting bored of the daily grind… Start re-gaining your time back…



You may be making good money from the business, but over time the money isn’t worth the time as you feel stuck in the business and cannot take a decent holiday without the phone going off every 10 minutes…

If you have a tiny feeling that either one or more than one of the above are affecting you and your business at the moment, do give us a CALL or EMAIL us so we can give you better insights and solutions to help you moving forward…

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Our Business Diagnostic is just a STARTING POINT to Help Business Owners & CEOs Gaining…



Gain time by analyzing your strengths and positions that need to be filled so you (leader, owner & CEO) get to focus on high dollar value activities that grow the business. Stop trading time for more money…



More money means more profitability by being more efficient. More money doesn’t mean spend more and get a bigger team. Understand where your greatest margins are from and focus hard to build a sales engine that works without you



Build team leaders and not a group of people who will just follow. Does your business empower others to make decisions? Or does it always require YOU (the leader)? Maybe sometimes you just won’t let go…


You may also just provide us with simple details of your business for the business diagnostics and we will get started in identifying the gaps immediately.


Check Your Business Health NOW!



The ActionCOACH Difference

It’s an interactive process. Business Coaching is meeting the needs of many business owners. At ActionCOACH, we work together with business owners to help them achieve the vision they want for their companies and their lives. At ActionCOACH, our Growth Specialists and Business Coaches strive to grow businesses that are autopilot, and still extremely profitable.

“All Business Owners Deserve a Great Business that Gives Them a Great Quality of Life.”


It’s More than Consulting and Training

One of the most frequently asked questions at ActionCOACH is the difference between coaching and consulting. Coaching is much like a teacher won’t just give you the answer, but help you figure it out for yourself; or how a sports coach won’t play the game for you, but help you sharpen your skills. An ActionCOACH will lead business owners to the right path to avoid repetition of mistakes.


It’s Time, Team, and Money

In the ActionCOACH model, the primary focus is “time, team, and money” as over the years, we have found that these factors are the main cause of the majority of business owners’ problems.


Your Business Diagnostic Session

Your investment of 2 hours will change the way you look at business, and give you a kickstart that none of your competitors can even dream of.



In the Business Success Index report, business owners get an in depth look into their businesses. Coupled with the 2-hour debriefing session by a qualified Action Coach, you get to understand and identify the challenges that hold you back from getting to the next level. It is almost like giving your business a “Health Check”.

Business Success Index with ActionCOACH 6 Steps

The Business Success Index report is even MORE EFFECTIVE for business owners who have attended ActionCOACH 6 Steps to Business Success seminar. Once you understand how Action Coaches graduate businesses to a point where it works on AUTOPILOT, your assigned Action Coach will address your business gaps with you.


Why is it Important for Your Business to Get a “Health Check”?

Importance #1: OBJECTIVITY

You need a fully qualified Action Coach on your side being OBJECTIVE because you cannot see yourself as others see YOU. You will not only get another set of eyes, but you will get someone who is neutral, experienced in building businesses, and ready to call out the gaps for you.


Importance #2: SIMPLIFY ISSUES

Do you sometimes feel that everything seems pressing and overwhelming in your business? We help you to prioritize what you need to do. More importantly, you simplify your challenge and gain CLARITY OF FOCUS of what is needed in the business.


Importance #3: GUIDANCE

Your Action Business Coach will be GUIDING, EDUCATING, and ADVISING you every step of the way to achieve your goals. You will gain insights on which step you are at in the 6 Steps to Massive Business Results. Then your Coach will start working with you to build your action plan to graduate every step.


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