Supersharkz Swim School was founded out of love and passion for the swimming, as well as out of determination to bring an innovative change into the Malaysian swimming scene, by two siblings, Mark and Marilyn Chua. Both siblings are current Selangor State Team Coaches, former National Swimmers, and Marilyn is an Olympian. Mark and Marilyn became coaches of the Selangor State Team in 2003 and 2005 respectively and encountered many difficult challenges in coaching due to the poor foundational skills of the swimmers they inherited. Undeterred and eager to make a difference, they revolutionized the Malaysian swimming scene by setting out to establish the Supersharkz System of Learning to Swim in 2007. Both Marilyn and Mark’s goal is to provide everyone – regardless of age, race, status, and physical ability – the opportunity to learn, enjoy, and love swimming as well as to reach their highest potential in the sport – be it recreational or competition.

Changes AFTER Having An ActionCOACH

“After 5 years in the business, we figured that we needed more than just what we had. We wanted to expand and grow rapidly but we did not know how to. After getting Nick from ActionCOACH, he helped us getting out of the business. He mentioned that we were too tied down into the business and failed to see the potential growth of the business when we are digging deep into it. He also helped us to organize our backdoors (i.e. SOPs and Procedures).

We used to rent swimming pools from the Government. Now we have our 2nd pool in Kota Damansara. Our 1st was launched in Nov-13 and now we have about 320 pax in the 1st year. With that success, we hope to duplicate this business model into Klang Valley, nationwide, and hopefully in time to come, internationally.”